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Red Eye Rye:  This beer is made with British pale malt, caramel malt, and a generous amount of rye malt to give it a distinct ‘rye’ flavor.  Northern Brewer and Centennial hops.  This is the Brewer’s signature beer!  34 IBUs

Eagle Eye Rye PA:  This beer is made with British pale malt, caramel malt, and a generous amount of rye malt to give it a distinct ‘rye’ flavor.  Northern Brewer and Centennial, as well as Cascade (dry) hops.  34 IBUs with lots of flavor/aroma hop character!

Irish Red:  This beer is made with British Pale Male, as well as a generous amount of caramel malt.  Northern Brewer hops.   A nice light beer with a caramel finish.  23 IBUs

Instigator Doppelbock:  A hearty German lager, brewed with plenty of Pilsner and Munich malts, accented with Belgian Dark Crystal and Chocolate malts.  Balanced with Northern Brewer and German Tradition hops.  A rich malty lager for the winter season!  17 IBUs

Delta Porter:  This Brown Porter is made with British Pale malt, Brown malt, Chocolate malt and Caramel malt that gives this brew deep chocolate and bready notes.  Hopped exclusively with British Fuggle hops.  A nice choice for the Winter  weather.  19 IBUs

Easy Blonde Ale:  This light and easy drinking British Ale is made with both American and British Pale malts and a touch of Rye malt.  Hopped with East Kent Golding Hops for that authentic British taste.  This is a nice brew that you can drink all day (and night).  17 IBUs

EagleMonk IPA:  A true American IPA, made with 2-row malt along with a touch of Munich, Caramel, and Carapils malts.  Hopped with loads of Cascade and Centennial hops.  Dry hopped with equal parts of Cascade and Centennial hops, giving a citrusy grapefruit taste.  61 IBUs

Belgian Wit:  A nice citrusy summer ale, brewed with German Pilsener and Wheat malts – with a touch of Rye malt.  Hopped with German Tradition hops to balance the sweetness of the malt.  Spiced with Corriander, Bitter Orange Peel and Lemon Peel for a refreshing hot summer brew.  14 IBUs

Czech Pilsener: This very smooth light and easy drinking Czech Lager is made with German Munich and Pilsner malts and a touch of Rye malt.  Hopped with Czech Saaz hops for that authentic European lager taste.  This is a nice brew that you can enjoy in the summer heat!  36 IBUs

Michigan White: This wheat beer is made with 100% Michigan grown and Michigan malted barley and wheat – fermented with the Belgian Wit yeast.  Spiced with Tradition hops for a nice round finish.  Definitely an easy-drinking brew!  20 IBUs

Bruder Kolsch: This is a specialty beer, brewed with the Czeck Pilsener “lager” yeast, but fermented at “ale” temperature (65 degrees).  This brew is a bit heavier and darker than its little brother – the traditional Kolsch style.  Made with German Pilsner and Munich malts, along with German Tradition and Czech Saaz hops.  24 IBUs

Pale Ale:  This beer is made with British pale malt and victory malt to give a distinct ‘bready’ taste.  Cascade and First Goldings give this beer a nice mild hop aroma and taste.

Scottish 70:  This beer is loaded with British pale malt, Munich malt, caramel malt and a touch of roasted barley.  Northern Brewer and Fuggle hops.  A nice light beer! (22 IBUs)

ESB (Extra Special Bitter): This English Pale Ale is loaded with English Pale malts along with a touch of Caramel and Special Roast malts.  Hopped with British Fuggle and East Kent Golding hops makes this beer a truly authentic British Ale.  5.8 ABV and 28 IBUs

Annies IPA:  A British IPA (India Pale Ale) Made with a good amount of 2-row barley, Munich and caramel malts.  Northern Brewer and Centennial hops, and dry hopped (added to serving tank) with Golding  hops.  This beer has a nice hop aroma.  6.8 ABV and 84 IBUs

Winter Warmer:  This “Old Ale” is made with a generous amount of Pale malt, with a balanced amount of Caramel and Chocolate malts.  Hopped with British Fuggle and Goldings imparts a slightly sweet finish.  A nice strong ale for the season.  30 IBUs

Vienna Lager:  This smooth German Lager is made with mostly Vienna malt for a bold malt forward presence, with some Munich malt added for character and a touch of Briess Prince malt added for color.  This beer is hopped with Hallertauer for bittering and Saaz for flavor/aroma. 21 IBUs

The Raven:  This Black IPA uses a combination of American and British grain.  This beer has a similar grain and hop profile as our EagleMonk IPA with the addition of Black and Dark Crystal malts.  Hopped with generous amounts of Cascade and Centennial hops with an addition of Summit hops for much of the bittering. The hops are perceived as mellow for an IPA due to the use of the Dark Crystal malt.  66 IBUs

Marcy Street Stout:  An American dry stout made with American 2-row barley, caramel malts, roasted barley and black malt.  Northern Brewer and Palisade hops.  This beer has notes of chocolate and coffee in the aroma.  34 IBUs


   * International Bittering Units


Wine on Tap

Italian Pino Grigio (Semi-Dry White)

Italian Semi-Sweet Red

Italian Semi-Dry Red


Soda on Tap

Alix’s Root beer, Diet Root beer, Orange, Cream Soda


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